(on b/w photographic Baryth paper in different sizes )

Alchemigrams are a mixture between photography and painting.
The painter´s gesture is recognizable in the texture of the brush-strokes on the plane photo paper.
Like in chemigrams, the photochemical process is turned uside-down. Additionally non-phographical substances are used in the creation of these single-copy images.

Alchemism is not only about finding a formula for creating preciouse metal like gold.
Basically it´s a science which combines the influences of chance (nature) and controll (culture) in the process of creating something which has not been there before.
In the Alchemigrams Boris Duhm uses many different substances to create the images. Many of the substances are not at all related to photographical processes. The reactions in which these substances interact can never be fully predictable. With brushes, sponges, bottles, tubes or vaporisers, with fluent or hard substances, with the intensity of light or darkness, Boris interferes into the reactions on the black and white photographic paper and manipulates the composition, colours and structures of the images.

Humans tend to recognize figures which refer to things they experience daily. This can often be the human body, parts of it or the human face. So even in the Alchemigrams.
The images change their appearence in time passing by, even after the artist has finished the work. Certain spots change colour, others get darker or lighter.

These works will be exhibited in a new solo show "American Alchemistry" at The Just Gallery in Berlin Kreuzberg in January 2010.
Actually there is another show on the schedule with Alchemigrams, the 13th - 30th of December 2009 at ACUD Gallery, Berlin.

Berlin, December 2009-12-10