Lives and works in Berlin and Mecklenburg

Boris´ works in staged and experimental photography deals with a visualisation of the mental state of our societies, the contemporary conditio humana.
When a situation becomes an image it can become symbolic and gain a political or social dimension.
The images, videos and paintings mirror the sphere of irrational anguish we are feeded with in societies all over the world today. Boris is been working on a new series of poetical staged photographies dealing with humans relation to nature. Some of the new works are taken in Transsilvania and Slovenia in 2012 as well as on the countryside around Berlin in 2013 and 2014. Currently he tries new forms of combining photographs of different genre, like in the triptychon WirtschaftsWunder from 2017.

In his series of large-size photograms "Talking to Ghosts", Boris Duhm performes with the audience on sheets of photographic paper on gallery-floors. This series is still ongoing.

Boris is also curating the Künstler Salon Murid Bosh ( Artist Salon Murid Bosh ), which jet took place two times in Berlin ( see: UP TO DATE). More than 120 artists from 25 countries took part.

Beside of his artist works, Boris Duhm also teaches frequently at art-schools and universities around Europe and gives lectures in staged photography for students of fine arts.


Selected Exhibitions

Upcoming : Group exhibitiuon at Künstlerhaus Alte Feuerwache, Röbel / Müritz, Germany. 2017.10.01 - 2017.10.08. ( opened daily 11 am - 5 pm): OVER THE RAINBOW. Welcome to the opening on Saturday, 2017.09.30 at 4 pm. Together with Kerstin Borchardt, Dana JES, ERico., Ramona Seyfarth, Rainer Viltz. Location: Alte Feuerwache, Gotthunskamp 11, 17207 Röbel, Müritz.

Upcoming : WAYS OF LOOKING: Group exhibition at Galerie Vierraumladen, Berlin. From 2017.11.06. Curated by Stefania Carrozzini.

Solo shows:

2017.06.03. untill 2017.06.11: Das Monster Schläft im Garten ( The Monster Sleeps in the Garden). Solo exhibition with guests: Sebastian Franzén (S) and Miriam Grüning ( GER) at Galerie Burg 32, Burgweg 32 in 17209 Stuer Vorwerk, Germany.

2016.05.14. untill 21: Vom Stamme der Bori Pori. Solo exhibition (guest artist: Miriam Grüning) at Galerie Burg 32, Burgweg 32, D - 17209 Stuer Vorwerk / Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

2013.06.21 untill 2013.06.23: Solo exhibition at Galerie Rotiro, Skalitzer Strasse 58, 10997 Berlin. Vernissage at 6 pm and Performance ( together with Miriam Grüning ) at 10 pm. Link:
2013.05.04 untill 2013.05.10: Solo exhibition & Body-Photogram-Performance : "Tijana Titin & Boris Duhm: Nackt!" at Galerie Kreuzberg Pavillon, Naunystrasse. 53, 10999 Berlin. Vernissage at 8 pm. Link: and the fim of the performance:
2013.02.22, untill 2013.03.10: "Mehrweg im Dickicht ( Reloaded)". Together with A. Helfer and K. Krause. Atelierhof Kreuzberg, Schleiermacherstrasse 31, 10961 Berlin. Link:
2012.12.12 untill 2013.01.19: "Emotional Disasters and Masquerades" at Godot Galeria, Bartók Béla út. 11, HU - 1114 Budapest.
2012 September 28. - October 14.: "Mehrweg im Dickicht", Kunstverein Lübeck DEFACTO ART (Defacto Art eV, Balauerfohr 31-33, 23552 Lübeck). Together with K. Krause und A. Helfer. Link:
2011 December 10. - 13. "Raft of Medusa (After Sunset), Version 2" Room installation and other works at Gallery Kreuzberg Pavillon (Skalitzer 140 Temporary). Plügerstr. 70, 12047 Berlin-Neukölln.
2011 May 20 - June 19: "Jetzt kann nur noch ein Wunder helfen". Solo-show at Gallery ZeroZero on approx. 500 sqm in Berlin.
2010 November 27. /28. "Höhlengleichnis für Witwen und Jungfrauen" (together with Daniel Chluba and Katrin Albrecht)
Gallery Berber 1, Berlin
2010 July 29. - 31. "Von Helden und Narren" (About heros and fools).
Together with Irma Markulin on 600 sqm Freispiel Brandshof, Harbour City, Hamburg , Germany
2009 Greetings from Space. Godot Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2008 Gibt es den Farbengott? Privatklub Wohnung, Berlin, Germany
2004 Freeze Plates. Art Hall Vaasa, Finland
2004 What´s Love Got to Do With It? Galleri Cosmopolitan, Göteborg, Sweden
2003 The Flying Fish. Backa Theater, Göteborg, Sweden
2002 The Suspect Island. Gallery Une Galette dans l´Art, Paris, France

Art fairs :
2012 August 10-17: Kassel Documenta XIII. Kreuzberg Pavillon Kassel: "The Humans are Dead". link:
2009 September: Berliner Liste. Fair for contemporary art.
2007 Septemeber: Berliner Kunstsalon. Art fair. Group shows :

2014.09.23 untill 2014.10.26, Opening: 2014.09.23, 4 – 10 pm: NYKARLEBY RECALL – COMING BACK.
Rådhusgalleriet / Raatihuoneengalleria . Kyrkogatan 4 Kirkkokatu . 66900 Nykarleby / Uusikaarlepyy, Finland.
2014.09.21. Opening 2014.09.21 from 3pm to 7pm. THE SELFIE SHOW
Museum of New Art, 15655 33 Mile Road, Armada, MI 48083, USA.
2014.06.27 untill 2014.07.13: SCHAU FENSTER at Raum für Kunst, Lobeckstr. 30 - 35, 10969 Berlin.
2013.10.03, 8 pm at Funkhaus Berlin, Gallery on third floor, Nalepastr. 52. "Antibody".
2013.05.11 at Kreuzberg Pavillon, Naunynstr. 53, 10999 Berlin "The Feedback of all Times" with Era Vati (HU) and Ariel Grout (FR).
2013.04.10 untill 2013.04.14: Mongolfiere Libere @ Ressort Gallery, Invalidenstrasse 51, 10557 Berlin - Mitte.
2013.01.26 untill 2013.02.10: Keep Me Posted at Morgenstern Galerie , Budapester Straße 14, D - 10787 Berlin. Curated by Philip Koch:
2012 November12: Artists´ open studios in Funkhaus Berlin, Nalepastr. 18 - 50, 12459 Berlin. 2 - 10 p.m.
2012 August 25: Night of Open Museums Lübeck (Lübecker Museumsnacht ). Defacto Art Gallery, Balauerfohr 31-33, 23552 Lübeck. "Women with Money".
2012 June 21 from 4 to10 pm, Skalitzer Straße 58, Berlin-Kreuzberg: Galerie Rotiro: Painting- and Photoperformance / Group exhibition.
2012 May 04 - July 27: Ein Ort irgendwo - Heimat - Fotografien. Group exhibition curated by Tanja Hofmann. Galerie KH, Kulturhaus Karlshorst, Berlin.
2012 April 28 - May 05. "The Legend of Peggy´s Cove and other Stories". Galerie Igel, Seumestraße 24, 10245 Berlin. Vernissage 2012 April 27. at 6 pm.
2011 October 03. "Swimming Sculpture Park" at lake Weissensee, Berlin. Public installation and performance "Raft of the Medusa". Curated by Daniel Chluba, "Dixiland" .
2011 August 08-18. I exhibit the Budapest-version of the Walden Cabin on the Sziget-Festival in Budapest. An open-air exhibition, severeral interpretations by international artists of an UTOPIA are on view at the KUlturalis ZOna (KUZO). Curator: Zoltan Kunckel
2011 July 08-10 "Urlaub in Berlin". Atelierhof Kreuzberg, Berlin2011 June 10-30 "Based in Berlin" Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz, Berlin
2011 June 01-03 The Beauty of Minor Matter, Gallery Skalitzer140_Temporary, Berlin
2011 April 29. - May 08. "800 Meter freier Fall - Gott würfelt nicht" Arthall m3 at Kuenstlerhaus Mengerzeile, Berlin
2010 December 02. - 2011 January 07. Exhibition "Mainzer Kunstpreis", Staged Photography. Mainz, Germany
2010 September 24. "Blind Date". Galerie im Regierungsviertel, Berlin
2010 August 07. - 08. "Everybody learns from Disaster". Villa Elisabeth, Berlin-Mitte
2010 June 25. - 27. "Places with Connection". 48 Stunden Neukölln, Kindl-Brewery, Berlin
2010 June 24. - July 08. Golanmausi - Analogismus, ArtSpace Berber 1, Berlin
2010 May 10. - 24. Neosakral - Saalkrone, ArtSpace BERBER 1, Berlin
2009 December 13. - 30. Alchemigrams. ACUD Gallery, Berlin
2009 November 7. - 29. "Querschnitt 22", Rosegger Kunst Zentrum, Berlin
2009 September 2. - 19. "Faces of Godot", Godot Gallery, Budapest
2009 April: Greetings from Space. Art Hall Darmstadt. Darmstädter Tage der Fotografie, Darmstadt, Germany
2008 December: Drawings. Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin
2008 July: Drawings. Galerie in der Stadtscheune, Otterndorf, Germany
2008 February: Drawings. Galerie Citycenter, Berlin
2007 August: Galerie GLUE, Berlin
2007 July:  Galerie Fotoshop, Berlin
2007 April: Galerie MeinBlau, Berlin
2006 December: Galerie Blütenweiss, Berlin
2005 Hägerstens Kulturcentrum, Stockholm
2005 Kulturzentrum Kreuzberg, Saray Sosjal, Berlin
2004 Rådhusgalleri, Nykarleby, Finland
2003 Galleri Platform, Vaasa, Finland
2003 Stadsbibliotek Göteborg, Sweden
2002 Gothenburg Museum of Art, Hasselblad Center
2001 Galleri Box, Göteborg
2001 Galleri Replika, Stockholm, Sweden
2001 University for Photography and Fim Gothenburg, Sweden
2000 Kleisthaus-Gallerie, Berlin
1998, 99, 00: Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg, Germany

Permanent works in public spaces:
2012 October: Installation of a 4,5 meters high tower of wood with a figure inside at the beach of Steinbeck ( Baltic Sea ), 35 km east of Lübeck (near Boltenhagen). The installation was intentionally destroyed by art-haters only one week after it was put up.
2011 June 24, 5-12pm: Walden-Cabin, exhibition and live-performance (together with Holger Lang) at Krossener Strasse 28, Berlin. The Walden-Cabin is a permanent installation in public space.
2008 June: wall- and ceiling-painting / collage on 72 sqm in Kulturbrauerei, Knaakstra ße, Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. Titel: „Man muß unbedeutender werden!“ (You have to get less important! A homage to Ingeborg Bachmann).

Curated exhibitions:
2012 March: Künstler Salon MURID BOSH: Für Hunde in der Zentralgrube. Kunsthalle M3, Mengerzeile 1-3, 12435 Berlin
January: Künstler Salon MURID BOSH: 1000 Meiserwerke & Neue Duelle. Krossener Str. 28, D - 10245 Berlin - Friedrichshain
2004 March: Rådhusgalleri Nykarleby: „Drömläge“ with students in fine arts from the Art School Nykarleby, Politechnika, FIN.


2010/11: two years working grant from the Konstnärsnämnden Sthm.
2006/07: one year working grant from Konstnärsnämnden, Stockholm.
2005:       project grant from Swedish Artist Council, Konstnärsnämnden, Sthm.
2004:       exhibition grant from Artist Council Gothenburg, Kulturnämnd.
2004:       exhibition grant from Artist Council Österbottens Konstråd, Vaasa FIN.
2003:       artist grant from NIFCA, Helsinki, FIN.
2001:       project grant from Adelbertska Stiftelsen, Gothenburg.
2000:       project grant from Adelbertska Stiftelsen, Gotheburg.


Represented by
Godot Galeria. Budapest, Hungary
Galerie Rotiro. Berlin, Germany
Galerie ZeroZero. Berlin, Germany
Private collectors


University Teaching Positions
2006 June:          Lectures in staged photography at Göteborgs Konstskola, Prof. Peter Backhaus, S.
2005 Maj-Nov:   Teacher for photography at Folkuniversitet Göteborg, S.
2005 Feb.-April: University lecturer at the department for Visuell Communication (Prof. Kopek) at the
                           University of Arts and Design Budapest, HU.
2004 March:       Curator and leading artist for art-students at the exhibition “Drömläge” (Dream- Site) at
                           Rådhusgalleri, Nykarleby, FIN.
2003 Okt- 04 March:  Guest-teacher for Staged Photography at the Art School Polytechnika of Nykarleby,


Merits /Residences / Prices
2005:         Artist in Residence at the Moholy-Nagy University for Arts and Design Budapest, Hungary
2003-04:   Artist in Residence på Konstskola Nykarleby, Finland
2003:         Artist behind „Smörshoes på Getryggen“ (Butter-Shoes on Goat-Back), a photo – installation in 
                  the mountains of Jämtland, Sweden. The installation had been randomly discovered by passer- 
                  bys and then had drawn a lot of international media attention in radio, TV and newspapers.
1996:         Best young photographer of the year in Niedersachsen
                  (Handwerkskammer Niedersachsen), third prize in all of Germany.
1992-95:   Member of the artist-group KARG (Karg means meager, local art-landscape) with ateljé-house
                  and an own gallery (burned down in 1995), artist-association work, Oldenburg, Germany.


2002        MFA Master of Fine Arts / Photography (200P)
2000-02  Master program at the Högskolan för Fotografi och Film in 
                Göteborg, Sweden, at Prof. Tuija Lindström and artist Magnus Wallin.
2000        Bachelor Degree in Visuell Communikation
1996-00  Studies at Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg: Visuell
                Communikation, Fine Arts at Prof. Bernhard Blume and Prof. Jochen Hiltmann.
1993-96  Education as a professional photographer at Fotostudio Thomas
                Grothmann in Westerstede, Handwerkskammer Oldenburg, Germany.
1991-93  Studium Generale (fine art, music, pedagogics, geography and
                psychology) at the University of Oldenburg.


Published in
2012 March: TIP Magazin Berlin ( by Gunnar Lützow): Der Friedrichshainer Kunstsalon Murid Bosh vergrößert sich.
2008 June: Shortstory „Fictive Dogstory One“ (Sauflied in fünf Strophen)“ (Drinking song in five verses) in
                  EIGENART, the art periodical of the Hochschule der Künste Berlin /HDK, D.
                  Several drawings included.
2008 June:  Garden Eden Performance: „The Control-Cross“: dubble page as a photo-poster in EIGENART, 
                  HDK Berlin.
2007 Nov:   Garden Eden Performance: „The Concilium“: dubble page as a photo-poster in EIGENART, HDK           
2007 Sept:  catalogue Berliner Kunstsalon, D
2004 April: ”Saray Sosyal” onlinecatalogue, Berlin, D.
2003:         ”Getryggen är namnet på fjället…”, preamble by Ann Nordvall in ”Konstnären”, KRO, Swedish
                   Artists Association periodical, nr. 3/2003.
2003, 23. Nov: ”Nykarlebybor ställde upp och jubilerade”, Jakobstads Tidning, FIN.
2003, 20. Oct: ”Konsten vi älskar och hatar”, Dagens Nyheter, frontpage cultur, Stockholm, S.
2003, 10. Oct:”Göteborgare låg bakom mystiska skor”, Metro Göteborg, S.
2003, 09. Oct: ”Skor på fjället”, Metro Malmö, S.
2003. 09. Oct: „140 skor med smör på det öde fjället”, Aftonbladet, S.
2003, 08. Oct: “Smörfyllda skor på det öde fjället förbryllar”, Aftonbladet, S.
2003, 09. Maj: ”Mannens roll står i fokus”, Göteborgs Tidning, S.
2003, 01. April: ”Sarkastisk klang i rapp kvinnopjäs”, Borås Tidning, S.
2003, 30. Mars: ”Metoden ger bilden liv”, Göteborgs Tidning, S
2003, 28. Mars: ”Girlpower och manliga bilder på Backateater”, Metro Göteborg, S.
2003, 27. Mars: ”Mäns och kvinnors roller på Backa”, Bohusläningen med Dals Dagblad, S.
2002, 23. Aug:   Program to ”Festival Art et Squats”, communiqué de presse, Paris, FR.
2002, 29. Maj: ”Existenser”, master-students exhibition at Hasselblad Center”, Göteborgs-Posten, S.
2002, 21. Maj: ”Sju fotografer, sju temperament”; Göteborgs-Posten, S.
2002: ”Humaniora utan humanism, humanism utan humaniora”; photography and drawings; Lars Sewilius
           Berg, ABF, Göteborg, S.
2000:  Exhibition-catalogue for exibition at Kleisthaus - Gallerie, Berlin, D.
1997: ”Mein Schaukelstuhl springt vom Balkon”; phototableau in ”Orient”; publication in Material-Verlag,
           Hamburg, D.


2006: "Portfolio 2000 - 2006". Förlag Medieverkstäderna, Göteborg, S.  (limited edition). The book (84
           pages) can be purchased via the author (; prize 150:-Euro plus
           porto; digiprint, combined sewn binding in six booklets, hand-made).
2002: ”My Weak Home”; exhibition-catalogue for the german artist and psychologist Kathy Neubauer 
           (born 1973 in Potsdam), 22 pages, unsewn binding, Hamburg, D.