Garden Eden Performance

(Series of large-size c-prints.)

The photographs to Garden Eden Performance, which have been taken in 2007 and 2008, mirror the mental state of our civilisation, in the way I have recognized it throughout the past years. A perception of aimlessness and lack of meaning accures as symptomatic for the lives of modern individuals. Philosophers describe this tendency as a shift of our perception: we read reality as something irrational. Vice versa, fiction is taken as fact.
Since my childhood I have had the general experience of not really fitting in anywhere, in which context ever I find myself in. Maybe it is my personal handicap and it made me take up this subject.
In the Garden Eden Performances, the protagonists play archetypal rolls , in which simultaneous actions have no longer rational reasons nor relations but are connected on an associative level.

All photographs are planned in detail. They are staged with laities or professional actors. To realize this series, I regularly invite to photoperformances in and around Berlin. The images have never been digitally edited.

Berlin, 2010