The Flying Fish

(Super-8 installation; here: quicktime version, 2 x 2min)

Two Super-8 film loops are projected close to each other on the wall of a dark room, only enlightened by a dim desk lamp on the floor. Each Super-8 loop is about 90 seconds (7 meters) long and runs over a reel mounted on an iron coat-hanger suspended from the ceiling. The buzzing of the projectors gives sound to the films. The whole installation is to be set in motion by the spectator by pressing a foot pedal and the projection ends as soon as the visitor takes his foot off. The spectator himself becomes part of this machinery which includes vertical, horizontal and circulating movements, film and sound.

The installation belongs to the series of photographs with the same title and has been shown at the Museum of Art in Gothenburg in 2002, at Gallery Une Galette dans l´Art in Paris in 2003 and at Galerie FotoShop in Berlin in 2007.