The Flying Fish

(Series of c-prints in different sizes.)

The Flying Fish includes two parts: photographic c-prints and an interactive Super-8 film installation with two looped, 90 seconds and 7 meter long Super-8 film projections. The work has been shown in exhibitions at the Gothenburg Museum of Art (Hasselblad Center) in Sweden and galleries in France, Sweden and Germany.

The mentally destructive machinery of our societies is the central subject of this work. People today are dependent on this machinery, part of it and harmed by it at the same time.

In dream and nightmare like scenarios a mind is visualised, which searches its equivalence in the patterns of water surfaces, in the surging motions of twigs or in the sound of wind blowing over rocks at the sea. The protagonists on the images are no "winner-types", instead they are equipped with ample disbelieve and absent-mindedness. They are constantly searching for the other, but unfortunately they don' t find what they are looking for. The heroes are both victims and offenders at the same time and their actions are not fully comprehensible. They search for a solution which willingly can be conceived by the viewer.

Göteborg, 2004